Standard Membership

Our standard membership offers several included benefits for all sizes of businesses and allows you to access additional ala carte marketing opportunities plus provides a discount on participation in our events.

Standard membership is based on the total number of employees at the location/branch who is joining, including the business owner. Please include all F/T and P/T staff to select your correct membership level (to calculate, estimate 2 P/T = 1 F/T).

The membership for “1” employee is for start-ups or small businesses who have no more than 1 F/T and 1 P/T employee.

Current AS OF JULY 1, 2023 

EmployeesAnnual Dues
1 F/T Staff (Individual)$170
2-10 F/T Staff$240
11-15 F/T Staff$300
16-25 F/T Staff$365
26-50 F/T Staff$435
51-100 F/T Staff$550
100+ F/T Staff$635
ADDITIONALLY Owned Location of SAME company name/industry, utilizing SAME EIN$125 flat fee per location
Each ADDITIONALLY Owned Business of different company name/industry, utilizing different EIN20% discount off the above rates of standard membership

***Business with highest # of employees must be primary member at standard investment level.


When does my membership begin & renew?

Membership investments do not become ACTIVE until you remit your first year’s membership. They begin in the month in which you join/remit, continue for a full 12 months, and are scheduled for renewal in your anniversary month. We send your renewal statement by email & mail 60 days before it is due. Businesses who need to request pro-rate calendar billing must call the chamber at 865-675-7057.

I’d like to go ahead and join as an Enterprise Member today! How do I do that?

First, thank you for supporting our community and all the businesses and entrepreneurs in it with your above and beyond contribution! You can NOW go to the online application and SELECT the Enterprise Membership package of your choice and pay online in one easy step. You can also choose to be invoiced, and pay by check. Your membership is official as soon as we receive payment. Chamber staff will be in direct communication with the primary contact you list to ensure we receive a high-quality version of your logo and to schedule a personal welcome meeting. 

Do you offer a discounted rate for non-profits?

Member non-profit annual rates are based on the total number of their paid staff (we do not count their often large volunteer bases)–just like member businesses. If a non-profit has no paid staff, they are assessed as a 1-person staff.  

How do I SAVE 5% on my annual renewal?

Easy! Set up an automatic payment profile by logging into your Online Member Portal & click “Company > Billing > Payment Profiles.” Add a debit, credit or ACH profile & check the box to notify us that you want that payment method used for recurring charges. We’ll take care of the rest!