The Town of Farragut was incorporated on January 16, 1980, is located in the westernmost part of Knox County and is considered a part of the greater Knoxville metro area. The town encompasses approximately 16 square miles. Farragut is bounded to the north by Interstate 40 except at Campbell Station Road, Snyder Road and the Outlets Drive area; to the south by Turkey Creek Road and the railroad tracks; to the west at the Loudon County line; and to the east by Lovell Road on the north side of Kingston Pike and Thornton Heights and Concord Hills Subdivisions on the south side of Kingston Pike. 
Farragut and the greater Knoxville area are bisected by two major cross-country highways, Interstate 40 (3rd longest U.S. highway, east/west) and 75 (north/south). The confluence of these two highways makes our area easily accessible to and by most of the eastern U.S. with many major cities being just a few hours drive away.  

• Region: East Tennessee

• County: Knox

• Distance from:

• Atlanta – 240 mi.

• Nashville – 185 mi.


• Annual Avg. Temperature: 70°

• Monthly Avg. High Temperature.: January: 47°, July: 89°

• Monthly Avg. Low Temperature.: January: 27°, July: 68°

• Annual Avg. Precipitation: 47.86″

• Annual Avg. Snowfall: 6″

• Elevation: 936′ above sea level

• Prevailing Winds: Southwest

• Mean Length of Freeze-Free Period: 214 days

In general, summers are longer, and can get quite hot and humid. Being inland, the area does not experience the direct impact of most coastal storms, but strong storms with large amounts of rain and sometimes hail are seasonal. Occasional tornadic activity can occur, though it is not typical. Winters are shorter, and more wet than snowy, though the area can experience sleet/ice or minor snowfalls which typically melt quickly. It is not unusual to have very mild days during the colder winter season. Temperatures can dive into the teens or single digits, but this is generally short-lived.


Farragut’s population is currently estimated at 26,000, with a growth rate of over 10% since the 2020 U.S. Census (2020 population: 23,507). As of 2020, there were approximately 559 businesses or employer firms reported as located within the Town of Farragut. The median household income in Farragut is $119,167.

NEW residents can find information about emergency, utility, and other essential services here, as well as a link to the town’s most recent Annual Report for the fiscal year: https://www.townoffarragut.org/596/New-Residents.